Healthy Carrot Cake Energy Bites

Are you looking for a snack that is full of flavor but also healthy? Look no further, these carrot cake energy bites are delicious and nutritious too!

carrot cake energy bites

I’m always expecting candy and sweetness overload on Christmas and Halloween, but somehow Easter always sneaks up on me.

Seriously… I’m not even that big of a fan of jelly beans but I find myself eating them by the handful! Then there’s chocolate, always my biggest temptation. Oh and cake, my sister-in-law brought these delicious little bunny shaped cakes to Easter dinner and of course my mom sent several home… and I ate them. Then there was the carrot cake my mom made that was delicious too…

Sugar overload my friends… sugar overload, and it snuck up on me again this year.

So I decided I needed to make something delicious, sweet, but healthy to wean myself off the jelly beans and back into healthier eating.

So I whipped up these little carrot cake energy bites. They are full of flavor, but with the bonus of fresh carrots, oats, and no added sugar. They have all the taste of carrot cake but in a little happy healthy ball that you can feel good about eating… way better than you feel about eating a handful of jelly beans.

They’re easy to make , and you probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry right now!

So here’s what you’ll need to make your own carrot cake energy balls!

1 1/2 – Cups Oatmeal

1/3- Cup Pecans

10- Large Dates

1/3- Cup Raisins

2-3- Tbsp Honey or Agave Nectar (to make these vegan)

1- Cup Grated Carrots

1/2- tsp Cinnamon

Pinch of Salt

First thing you’ll need to do is to get your dates all chopped up. Pop them in the food processor and chop them up until they are finely chopped.

Next add in your pecans and chop the until they are finely chopped and mixed in with the dates. Then throw in your raisins and pulse a few times to roughly chop them.

Now transfer your date/pecan/raisin mixture into a large bowl. Add in your shredded carrots, oatmeal, salt, and cinnamon and stir until everything is well mixed.

Once you’ve got that all mixed its time to add your honey in. You can add as much or as little honey as you’d like but you need a little to hold everything together, how much will depend on how much moisture is in your other ingredients. Start with 1 Tbsp and stir it in. If you can make a ball that holds it’s shape you can stop there but if you need it a little stickier or sweeter go ahead and add in a little more a Tbsp. at a time.

Now using a scoop or a spoon, scoop out equal amounts and roll them into balls.

Once you’re done forming balls you’re ready to snack!! These carrot cake energy bites keep beautifully in an airtight container in the fridge, if they don’t all get eaten right away!

carrot cake energy balls

Did you indulge over the Easter holiday? What is  your weakness??

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  1. Perfection! We still have some Easter candy doing a number on me! Why is it so good?
    Carrot cake anything is awesome. I love grated carrot in both sweet and savory recipes.

  2. Could you post nutritional information on Carrot cake energy bites? How many does the recipe make, calories, sugar, carbs, etc. Thank you! (Diabetic here and I track all my food)

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