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105 Delicious Keto Soup Recipes

Are you following a keto diet and missing some of your favorite comfort foods? Dig in to this massive list of low carb, keto soup recipes. Everything from traditional soups like chicken noodle and clam chowder, to creative flavors like Philly cheesesteak or lasagna soup!

One of the best comfort foods out there is soup. I love a good hearty soup on a cold day during the winter months, delicious, simple ingredients combined to create the perfect meal. So today I’ve gathered the best keto soup recipes that I could find, so that if you are following a ketogenic diet you don’t have to miss out on your favorites.

A few notes before we get started-

I have analyzed all of these recipes to the best of my ability to determine if they fit within the carb count for a keto diet. However, I’m human and so are the recipe creators so there could be mistakes. It is always a great idea to fully check a recipe for yourself to make sure it will fit within your dietary needs!

I have made a note of the net carbs for each recipe (total carbohydrates-fiber) to help pick the perfect soup recipe that is right for you!

105 Delicious Keto Soup Recipes

A huge variety of keto soups to choose from! Soups with chicken or turkey, seafood, beef or ham, lots of vegetable based soups and even bone broth and ramen!

Find the keto variety of your favorite soup on this delicious list!

Pork & Beef Keto Soup Recipes

All of these delicious recipes feature beef, and pork. Some have meatballs, some have sausage, all of them are delicious!

Keto Chicken Soup Recipes (& Turkey too!)

Chicken soup is good for the soul, especially when it is keto! If you love chicken soup of any and every kind you're going to love these recipes!

Keto Vegetable Soup Recipes

Tomato soup, vegetable soup, broccoli cheese soup and many more! These keto soups are all full of hearty vegetables for a deliciously healthy dinner!

Seafood Keto Soup Recipes

These delicious keto soup recipes feature all kinds of seafood! Shrimp, crab, fish and more! If you love seafood you need to try these!

Keto Bone Broth, Egg Drop Soup & a few others

These keto soup recipes cover all your favorites that you might be missing! Keto egg drop soup for when you're wanting delicious Asian flavors, keto bone broth for a nourishing treat or a great base for other soups

Enjoy one of these delicious soup recipes for dinner tonight!

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