Wake Up Wednesday… on Friday

Oh my oh my, I am so behind myself this week. I’ve been crazy busy (more on that later in the week) and without a reliable internet connection most of the week. So I didn’t get Wake Up Wednesday posted on… well Wednesday. But I’m posting it today, for three … Continue Reading →

Back to School Palooza Giveaway!

Wether your kids are homeschooled like mine or going back to school this time of year can be expensive! I’ve teamed up with some awesome bloggers to help you out and get your year started out with a bunch of great goodies! Good luck!! And Happy Back to School! Welcome¬†to … Continue Reading →

sweet breads and muffins

Super Sweet Breads & Muffins

Oh my Wake Up Wednesday was full of amazing things this week!! I had trouble deciding what to feature there was so much to choose from! However these Sweet Bread and muffin recipes were making my mouth water so I decided they were the winners! Yum Yum Yum!! Take a … Continue Reading →

screen detox

Screen Detox and Setting Limits

  I have never limited my kids screen time. Never. I’ve always just kind of let them play and watch and veg out and not been too concerned about it. Until recently. Actually I’ve been concerned about it for a while I was just too lazy to do anything about … Continue Reading →

Sending My Weird Homeschooled Kid to Public School

My Dining room table is going to be a bit quieter this school year. At least during school hours. You see The Teenager is going back to school… like actually in a school. Although it has been in the works for a while it became officially official yesterday when we … Continue Reading →