Mix and Mingle: 16 Vibrant Rainbow Cocktail Creations

Rainbow cocktails are so fun and bring vibrant colors and delicious flavors to your glass! Perfect for parties, celebrations, or simply a fun night in, these stunning drinks are sure to impress and delight. Take a look at this collection of rainbow cocktail recipes that will add a splash of color and creativity to your next gathering.

Rainbow Shots

Image Credit: The Littlest Crumb

These bright colored rainbow shots are easy to make with only 3 ingredients: grenadine, orange juice and blue curaçao. These are great shots to make for a party or a large group of guests. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Taste the Rainbow: Rainbow Cocktail Recipe

Image Credit: Sunny Sweet Days

If you’re looking for a delicious and refreshing summer cocktail, look no further than the rainbow paradise cocktail. This colorful rainbow cocktail drink recipe is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re entertaining guests at a backyard BBQ or just unwinding with a few friends on a hot summer day. Or, how about mixing a big batch for Pride month? GET THE RECIPE HERE

Rainbow Jello Shots

Image Credit: Balancing Motherhood

Rainbow Jello Shots are made by layering vibrant fruity jello mixed with vodka into small cups, and topped off with Cool Whip and Rainbow Berry Airheads to finish. They are so cute and colorful, they are the perfect adult-only treats for any summer gathering or barbecue. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Rainbow Pot O’ Gold Jello Vodka Shots

Image Credit: XOXO Bella

 Look at these magical rainbow pot o’ gold Jello vodka shots! These rainbow shots with a Jello sky and Cool Whip clouds are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or Pride Day GET THE RECIPE HERE

Starburst Duos Jello Shots

Image Credit: Ever After in the Woods

If you’re looking for a perfect party treat for adults look no further. These Starburst Duos Jello Shots are bursting with flavor! Make this simple recipe for your next party GET THE RECIPE HERE

Rainbow Rim Irish Whiskey Cocktail

Image Credit: XOXO Bella

Isn’t this rainbow rim green Irish whiskey cocktail the cutest St. Patrick’s Day or Pride Day idea ever? It’s made with Irish whiskey, sour apple schnapps, and melon liqueur. The rainbow sugar rim makes this Irish whiskey mixed drink even more special! You will love this green cocktail! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Rainbow Sherbet Martini

Image Credit: Maria’s Mixing Bowl

Whether you’re hosting a get-together or just looking for something special to enjoy on a night by yourself, look no further than this deliciously sweet rainbow sherbet martini! With its creamy texture and eye-catching pastel colors, it’s sure to be an absolute hit at any event! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Rainbow Sherbet Mimosa

Image Credit: My Suburban Kitchen

A mimosa is the total queen of breakfast alcoholic drinks! This version swaps the typical mimosa ingredients for delicious rainbow sherbet for a brunch cocktail that is high on fun and taste! GET THE RECIPE HERE


Image Credit: Drinking With Chickens

This festive and fruity drink is a delicious show stopper! As tasty as it is pretty it is perfect for all your parties and gatherings! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Rainbow Cocktail Slushie

Image Credit: Sugar Spice & Glitter

A fun rainbow cocktail recipe perfect for St Patrick’s Day or PRIDE celebrations, this Rainbow Slushy Cocktail is a frozen treat just for grown-ups!   GET THE RECIPE HERE

Rainbow Sangria

Image Credit: Gimmie Some Oven

This simple rainbow sangria tastes just as beautiful as it looks! It is perfect made with summer fresh fruit! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Rainbow Slushie Party Drink

Image Credit: Made by a Princess

Make a colorful and fun Rainbow Slushie with flavored popsicles for your next party! Want to make a tipsy slushie? Just add champagne and a fireball cherry! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Easy Rainbow Drink

Image Credit: Spaceships and Laser Beams

This vibrant rainbow drink is all about bright colors and tropical vibes that will awaken your senses. Layers of colorful juice and liqueur make up this delightful, magical drink that is brimming with fruity and fun flavors. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Tropical Pineapple Confetti Cocktail

Image Credit: Communikait

This drink is equal parts sweet and tart, but fully delicious and perfect as an impressive party beverage. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Rainbow Warrior

Image Credit: BC Liquor

Made with fresh juices, vodka and blue curacao this colorful drink is the life of the party! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Loco Unicorn Cocktail

Image Credit: Mix That Drink

The Loco Unicorn drink recipe tastes as good as it looks. Captain Morgan’s LocoNut coconut liqueur blends with two fruity ingredients to make a beautiful pink and blue rainbow. GET THE RECIPE HERE

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