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15 Halloween Drinks & Cocktails

Are you looking for the perfect drink to serve at your Halloween party? These Halloween drink recipes and Halloween cocktails are sure to please both kids and adults! You can’t go wrong with any of these Halloween drinks!

Halloween drinks and cocktails

We love Halloween at our house! As soon as I feel the chill of fall in the air I get excited about planning costumes, going trick or treating, and having some Halloween fun!

If you are planning a Halloween party or even a special dinner for your family these Halloween drinks can make it extra special! If you need something for the kids we have you covered, and if you want something with a kick for the adults we have those too!!

Non-Alcoholic Halloween Drinks

These Halloween drinks are perfect for kids, designated drivers, or anyone who wants to skip the cocktails. They are festive, creative, spooky and perfect to your Halloween party!

Pumpkin Juice (Harry Potter Style)– Pumpkin juice, which any Harry Potter fan can love, you can make in the slow cooker and serve hot as pumpkin cider or serve ice cold over ice

Monster Hot Cocoa – Now I will say that this fun Halloween drink recipe will be a hit with all the kids. It’s green and so delicious!

Frog Egg Lemonade – It’s a wonderfully creepy beverage that looks like a witch’s Halloween brew, but tastes great. (no actual frog eggs!)

Witch’s Brew Punch – If you’re looking for an easy kids Halloween party drink? With only two ingredients this Halloween punch is sure to delight. It’s so easy to make and fun to serve! Here’s how to make it.

Instant Pot Halloween Spooky Lemonade Why not make Halloween more enjoyable with a pitcher of lemonade? This isn’t just any ordinary lemonade. This is Spooky Lemonade.  

Halloween Cocktails (alcoholic)

These spooky cocktails are sure to be a hit! There is something here for everyone from sweet to spooky! Some can be made alcohol free so that the kids can have one too!

Toxic Spawn Martini– This martini is a weird “toxic” glowy green and features “spawn” made from soaked chia seeds.

Slippery Zombie Brains Shots– This simple Slippery Zombie Brains halloween shots recipe has just two ingredients, and the effect of the floating Irish Cream over the Black Sambuca takes little to no effort.

Vanishing Candy Corn Cocktails– Whip up some spooky Halloween fun with these Vanishing Candy Corn Cocktails! Watch the cotton candy garnish melt away as you pour Prosecco on top!

Black Heart Daiquiri- This bewitching cocktail is made extra spooky with the addition of activated charcoal powder! Perfect for your upcoming Halloween bash – adults only, of course!

Bloody Eyeball Cocktail This delightfully eerie cocktail is a fun one to serve at a Halloween or Monster costume party. While ghoulishly frightening, it is actually sweetly delicious!

Zombie Cocktail- A spooktacularly strong Zombie Cocktail Recipe made with the classic recipe, perfect for your Halloween get together. Can be served lit or unlit.

Vampire Bite Drink Sometimes the most delicious Halloween beverages are also the simplest, and this Vampire Bite Drink is a perfect example. All you need to create the cocktail is some 7-Up, Kool-aid Punch, and a little vodka, and you’ll have a sweet and flavorful Halloween cocktail that looks wonderfully spooky, too.  (Leave the vodka out and it’s the perfect Halloween beverage for the younger set, too!)

Demon Juice Cocktail- This citrus and sour apple Demon Juice Halloween Cocktail has a powerful punch that will pucker your lips and leave you begging for more.

Witch’s Brew Halloween Cocktail- The color of this drink has a spooky look to it and the black sanding sugar on the outside is so eerie looking but also adds a sweet finish to each sip.

Pomegranate Scream Soda- Although pumpkins and apples are the traditional fall fruits, fall also brings the pomegranate. Bonus? Pomegranate is the perfect shade of red to simulate blood for a scary drink. That is why I decided to use pomegranate as the flavor for my Halloween cocktail.

I hope these Halloween Drinks and cocktails have inspired you to have an amazing Halloween party or whip something special for after trick or treating!! Happy haunting!

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