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Advice, Community, Connection, Friendship, and Awesome Tools

If you are a mom you NEED an amazing tribe! 

A tribe that comes with not only friendship and support but also is loaded with useful tools, awesome advice, and a ton of community support!

Moms United  was created with a desire to serve and connect moms in a way that offers encouragement, a ton of support, and truly useful tools to help you with every aspect of motherhood. 

Everything from meal planning, to communicating with your kids, to keeping yourself healthy, our goal is to help balance all of the hats that we as moms wear, and make life raising children just a little easier and a lot more connected.

We're not just talking about a Facebook group where you can ask questions, we're talking about a monthly resource full of great articles, and fun ideas for your family. Printable tools to go with each month's theme, interviews with experts, live Q & A and mom mentoring each month. Plus a drama free members only Facebook group where you can connect and find real support from other members! 

We're talking about the mom tribe you have been searching for!

Monthly eMagazine full of articles, links, activities for your family & more 

A members only Facebook Group where you can connect & join in LIVE videos & interviews

A new topic each month, printable resources, and a community you'll love!

Because Kids Don't Come With Instructions!

I don't know about you, but every time I think I've got this mom thing figured out something changes! Kids are constantly moving through different phases and ages and it can be hard to keep up. Add to that the fact that all the "experts" seem to change their minds constantly! 

As moms we need a tribe, a group of trusted momma friends who are there with advice (but not the judgy unsolicited kind) encouragement, practical knowledge, laughter and friendship to help carry us along this journey of motherhood.

We need connection, inspiration, great ideas, and great tools to help us navigate and become the moms that we want to be! 

That is where Moms United  comes in...

Join NOW and become part of the Moms United Tribe! 

In celebration of our launch membership is only $19.99 a month!! 

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 Who am I? 

Well let's start with this, my name is Krista! You may know me from my blog Far From Normal where for the past 6 years I have helped moms create a life they love through encouragement and practical advice! 

I am the homeschooling mom of 3 boys and I believe in not sweating the small stuff, truly connecting with our kids, taking care of ourselves as moms and focusing on gratitude and positivity.

 (and well, sometimes I cuss a little :) 

(Want to see what I'm all about? Check out these posts here, here, and here


My oldest son is 20, I also have a 16 year old and a 10 year old! Although it wasn't my plan to have my children so spread out it has helped me learn so much about parenting, evolving as a mom, and how to best navigate this crazy road of motherhood. 

I believe that a mom's greatest resource is other mothers! Whether it is our own mom, our best friend, a homeschool group, or moms we've met online, there is nothing better than having a tribe that has our back, encourages us, and answers our questions!

I love connecting with other moms, I love offering advice to friends and family, and I love to encourage and inspire all the moms I come across to be the best they can be. I'm not talking about a Pinterest perfect super mom but the kind of mom that their child needs!!

I wanted to create a resource where I could reach out personally to as many moms as possible, to help give them resources and articles that would be practical and useful. I wanted to find a way to connect moms from all walks of life and offer encouragement and advice, to create a community where we can all help one another!

That is when Moms United was born. It is my hope that each and every month you feel inspired, encouraged, and like someone has your back. It is my hope that you feel uplifted and supported as a mom, and that the resources that we offer help make your life just a little bit easier! 

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    Who is Moms United for? Any and every mom! If you are the mom of 1 or 10, a working mom or a stay at home mom! Everyone is welcome!
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    What can I expect? Each month we'll focus on a different topic! You'll get an eMagazine delivered right to your inbox full of useful articles, links, printable resources and ideas for your family. You'll also receive access to our Members only Facebook group where 3 times each month I'll go live with interviews, resources to share, Q&A and much more!
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    What makes this membership different? I've been blogging for years and I've heard from so many moms about what they worry about, what resources they need, and how much they need encouragement. This membership is designed to be personal, valuable, and full of connection so that we can uplift and support one another! 
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    How much does membership cost? Our goal is to make Moms United accessible to all mommas! So you get everything for only $24.99 a month! (SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICING $14.99  a Month!!)  That's right, an eMagazine, printable resources, expert interviews, an amazing community and more for less than $1 a day! And it's risk free, cancel at any time if you feel membership isn't right for you anymore! 

You've been looking for the support you need. You've found it here with-   Moms United!


Have questions? Want to connect with me directly before joining? Feel free to email me at werefarfromnormal@gmail.com or connect with me via Instagram or Facebook!!  I would love to chat with you about all of the exciting things membership has in store for you!

Want more details? Here's what we have planned for the next few months! 

March- Communicating with your kids & overcoming yelling - Special guest-Angela Parents With Confidence &  Dayna- Lemon Lime Adventures

April- Meal Planning- We're sharing all the best tips and tricks for planning and prepping meals to save you at on of time!  Special Guests- Karrie Truman From Happy Money Saver & Shelly Longenecker From Dinner For a Dollar.

May- Self-Care & Your Mental Health- Taking care of your family starts with taking care of you! Special Guest- Rachael Jencks- Moms on the Rise 

June- De-cluttering & Cleaning house! -  Life is so much easier in a tidy & organized home! Get the tools you need! 

** Guests are booked in advance but subject to change if necessary. 

What are you waiting for? Join us NOW!! 

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  (Regular price $24.99 starts March 1st)

Moms United is the resource you need to be the mom you want to be

We all have this image in our mind of the kind of mom we're "supposed to be." We have an idea of what we want to do, how we want to parent, but sometimes that is easier said than done. 

We get caught up in other people's advice or opinion and don't have confidence in ourselves. Our kids go through phases that are tough to manage. We find ourselves in times of stress or poor health and feel like we're not doing enough.

Maybe you are a mom seeking advice, one who feels like they are struggling and could really use some encouragement, we welcome you

Maybe you are a veteran mom who is looking for a great community and to mentor other moms and help them along the way, we welcome you. 

Maybe you are a mix, a hot mess one day, and have it all together the next, and are just looking to figure out new ways to get things done and be your best, we welcome you. 

No matter what kind of mom you are, if you've got kids, if you are looking for an amazing tribe, we welcome you!

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    Monthly eMagazine- Delivered right to your inbox each month! Full of encouragement, articles, interviews, links, printable resources & more!  ​​​​
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    Videos and Facebook Lives:  This is where the magic happens! I'll go live 2-3 times a month to discuss the monthly topic, have time for Q&A, and interview experts. This is when we'll connect and really learn with each other!
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    A Close Community: We all love Facebook groups right? Often they are too big or full of drama for true connection. Ours is for members only and is a safe place for everyone to ask questions, find encouragement, and make true connections! 

Are You Ready To Join Our Tribe?

Maybe you're not sure if membership in Moms United is the right fit for you. Maybe you're not sure if the resources are going to be what you're looking for, or if you'll find the connection you need. 

It is my hope that you will. It is my promise to you that I will show up each and every month with the best resources I can find, the most encouragement I can give, I am committed to being the momma cheerleader that you need!! 

It is my hope that each and every member of our group will find connection, be inspired and feel a sense of community. 

But, I know that friendship and community are not a one size fits all endevour. I know that not everyone parents the same way and some people may not click with the advice they find in our group. So if you join in and that is the case you can opt-out at any time! No worries, just cancel your membership and we're all good. 

​Find the encouragement, support & community you need

Become a part of Moms United NOW!

We are stronger together! Come join in the fun! 

I am so excited to connect with you, share ideas and encourage one another in our awesome community!  Join us now!