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I know what you're thinking.... another book about Pinterest? 

When I set out a little over a year ago to crack the Pinterest code I looked in a lot of places! I read blog posts, downloaded books, asked questions in Facebook groups. I tried to figure out exactly what I needed to do to make my Pinterest grow and work for me.

I found parts of what I was looking for, bits and pieces. I found great advice with no action steps, recommendations like, "join group boards," or "pin your own content" but with no follow up. Where did I find the boards? How many times do I pin my own pins? One, two, 100???

I found myself frustrated why couldn't I find all I was looking for in one place?

Well, you know the old saying, if you want something done....

So here I find myself the author of a book about Pinterest. I decided to take all that I learned and put it in one resource for others who might be searching for the same thing I was.

I am so thankful for all who have shared their knowledge that helped me form this strategy and all the advice I compiled to write this book! My hope is that my fellow bloggers will find this a complete resource, have their questions answered without having to chase them around the internet!!

You Get a Book & an Awesome Network!!

In addition to the book you'll also get exclusive access to our Kicking Ass on Pinterest Facebook group where we have sharing threads, Q&A sessions, and an awesome group of bloggers! You can also become a member of the Kicking Ass on Pinterest group board, and Tailwind tribe!! In addition to all the information in the book, you also get an awesome network!!

Who is This Book for?? 

If you are a blogger looking to EXPLODE your Pinterest growth this is the book for you! Whether you are new to Pinterest or have been pinning for years the tips in this book will help you grow quickly! No matter where you are in your journey, you'll find benefits from my tried and true strategy!

What Will I Learn?

We cover the basics first, setting up your profile and boards for optimum success. Then I take you throught creating the perfect pin, sharing my favorite resources for images and the best tools for pins that will get attention! Next we cover a pinning strategy that will get you noticed and skyrocket your growth!!

I'll introduce you to my favorite tool, Tailwind, and how to use it effectively, save time, and use it to it's fullest potential. I'll show you my pinning schedule, how to find the best group bards, and outline a plan for success!!

Here's a Sneak Peek!! 

Included in this 9 chapter book full of pictures to help you along the way are-

Chapter 1- Pinterest Basics- Set yourself up for success

Learn how to set up your profile for maximum exposure, how to set up a business account, enable rich pins, and  set up a profile that gets followers!

Chapter 2- All about the boards-

You'll learn what boards to create, how to fill in the details so they are full of keywords, and what boards are must haves for your blog.

Chapter 3- Pins that get noticed-

You'll learn how to take great photos with the camera you have, and where to find awesome free stock photos. I'll introduce you to the tools and techniques to make the perfect size pins. You'll learn how to "hide" large pins in your posts, and how to write amazing descriptions for tons of repins! 

Chapter 4- Building a Following-

Whether you're building a new following or beefing up the one you have you'll learn tons of ways to get new followers. Learn tips to have your readers become followers, how to network with other bloggers. and how to create a snowball effect to grow your following! 

Chapter 5- Networking With Group Boards-

Unlock the magic of group boards. Learn where to find them, how to join them and how to make them work for you. Learn to leverage the power of group boards to increase your following and repins!

Chapter 6- Pinning Schedule and Strategy-

Create a pinning schedule that gives you the consistency to grow your Pinterest. Learn how to use Tailwind to streamline the process make it easy! Learn how much and where to schedule your own pins for maxium exposure!

Chapter 7- Using Tailwind-

This intensive on using Tailwind is exactly what you need to make the pinning process easy. Learn several techniques for filling your Tailwind queue to save time! Harness the power of Tailwind as an awesome tool to build your Pinterest.

Chapter 8- General Pinterest Tips-

We'll talk about seasonal pinning, quality pins, and live pinning. I'll cover little details that can be overlooked and can make a difference in your Pinterest strategy.

Chapter 9- Bringing it All Together-

In the final chapter you'll get a complete picture of how everything works together to create a perfect Pinterest strategy! You'll get a list of all the resources and websites used throughout the book all in one place, and a clear picture of how you can explode your Pinterest following!

Actionable Steps & Worksheets!! 

Yes, this book is full of super useful information, and my tried and true strategy, but it doesn't stop there! Each chapter has a checklist of actions so that you don't miss anything! In addition to these action steps I've created 5 printable worksheets to help you along the way! 

You Want to Get This Book ASAP!!

Where will your Pinterest following and blog traffic be in a year if you start implementing my strategy today? You could be at 5x where you are today or more!! Remember my growth happened while I was tweaking this strategy, you get to hit the ground running with a complete guide!! 

So don't wait! Buy it today for the super low price of only $29.99 and get ready to Kick Ass on Pinterest!! ​

Krista Romano

About the Author

Krista is the blogger behind Far From Normal, a lifestyle blog focusing on family, food, and DIY fun! 

In the midst of a life filled with kids, homeschooling, and adventure, she has learned as much as she can about blogging. After four years authoring her blog she wants to share her knowledge with other bloggers to help them grow and thrive!! ​