Picking the Ball Back Up

Do you ever feel like you’ve totally dropped the ball?

Like you had all sorts of expectations and didn’t live up to them? Or like time just got away from you and you totally slacked on things you know needed done? You find yourself either trying to play catch up at the last-minute or figuring out what to do now that you didn’t get something done.

It happens. It happens to all of us… mommies especially. In between carpools, dentist appointments, grocery shopping, soccer practice, cleaning the house… and all the other things we juggle, every now and then a ball tends to get dropped.

But it’s ok.

I used to beat myself up, get upset with what I didn’t manage to do, instead of cutting myself some slack.

What I have learned recently is that what I need to focus on is what I am accomplishing. And if there is somewhere I feel I’m behind and want to be moving forward I need to re-evaluate that area and see what I can do differently.

After that the most important step is to follow through with that plan.

Sometimes we need a re-start, or to take a minute, breathe, and figure out how we can make things work.

So here I am, at the re-start.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I challenged myself to blog every day for 90 days?

Yeah that ball?

I totally dropped it.

These past couple of weeks have been a bit crazy… I didn’t plan well… and I let myself loose sight of my big ol’ goal.

I had no idea how much was involved with this whole back to school thing when your kid goes to public school.

Especially when its been 10 years since he’s been to one… there’s been a bit of a learning curve and a whole lot of getting things in order.

There are also a few other big things that have been happening these last couple of weeks that I”ll be filling you in on over the next several days… here on the blog… where my ball dropping ass will be writing for 90 days straight!

Because that ball I dropped? I’m picking it back up and getting on it!!



  1. says

    Good for you!
    And I think the public school thing would drown out nearly everything. My kid is starting kindergarten and I’ve been a real mess. Dropping balls left and right. Not showing up to things.
    This week that changed. I’m up to three social engagements a day. Weird!
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