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My husband tells me I use teenage phrases too much… it comes from living with a teenager and being surrounded by them all the time.

So pardon the “like a boss” in the title. I’m not trying to sound like a teenager, just accurately describing the wonder that is CoSchedule.


Now I read another blogger’s review of this dandy little plugin and it sounded pretty cool. So I figured I’d give it a try and see if it worked for me. She gushed about how wonderful it was, how much time it saved etc, etc… and I wondered if it would live up to all she made it out to be.

It has.

Without a doubt, since moving to WordPress, it is the best plugin I have found.  I have a feeling 6 months, a year..5 years,  from now it will still be in that number one slot.

I know there are a lot of social media managers out there to help you with getting your posts scheduled I’ve used a couple of them and they worked ok. They got the job done and helped get things posted.

Here’s where CoSchedule is different.

It works with  WordPress so that each and every time you post your social media scheduling is right there at the bottom of where you’re posting.

No more having to copy and paste your url into a little box on another site. No more remembering to schedule your Facebook posts and tweets for the day, it is right there in front of your face reminding you.

Right there at the bottom of your post saying, “Hey blogger girl, get to tweetin’ ”

It even has your url shortened and ready to go, all you have to do is type in your message.

coschedule blog post

You can schedule to all your social media, even Pinterest, right there from the base of your post. You can schedule for a couple of hours , days, weeks, or months after you post. Or all of the above.

There’s also a calendar where you can see all your social media posts, create new ones, even write a blog post… all in the same place.  You can view the calendar in week, 2 week, and month formats… whatever floats your boat.



You see what I’m getting at here?? Convenience, ease of use, and incredibly helpful… all in one plugin. It really is easy too. I was up and running and had it figured out in less than 5 minutes.

When you’re finished posting you’re also finished managing the social media for that post and can go on about your day knowing that you’ve got everything under control.

Like a Boss.

As a bonus the nice folks at CoSchedule are offering a 2 week free trial so you can see if you like it as much as I do. After that the price is $10 a month but for everything you’re getting, and how much easier this is going to make your life, it’s totally worth it.

Think of it as the cheapest personal assistant you’ll ever hire.

(they also have referral programs that allow you to get it for free or discounted… so you could umm write a blog post about how much you love it and get a discount <—- that there? My tricky way of telling you I’ve used my referral link in this post, if you decide to try CoSchedule I’d very much appreciate it if you click-through my link!)


And if you have a personal assistant you actually would be a boss… it’s a win win.


If you have any questions feel free to ask! If you’re using CoSchedule I’d love to know what you think of it!



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