Friday Finds (even though its Saturday) Minion Birthday Party Edition

So it’s Saturday…

I kind of slept in yesterday. My sleep was interrupted Thursday night by an unfortunate series of events that included vomit…

Thankfully no one was really sick, and it was only one interruption. But it was enough to make me look at the clock yesterday morning and think… not happening.

So no Friday finds. However I was quite excited about what I wanted to share with you this week so I thought, “screw it, we’ll do them on Saturday.”

We’re having a Minion themed birthday party today for my little man. He turned 6 in January, but sickness, and snow (two “s” words much more offensive then the actual “s” word) prevented us from having his party in a timely manner.

We love a Minion in this house. If you follow me on Instagram you saw our twinkie Minion valentines. So when my mom picked up Minion party ware we were super excited!

I’ve rounded up some great ideas, so if you are a minion fan you can plan a party with ease!

First let’s talk food. I’m making a cake because that’s what the birthday boy requested. But check out these super cute cupcakes from The Big Giant Food Basket!

And how much do I love these amazing little Minion Marshmallows?? Head on over to to see how to put them together!

Despicable Me Minions

Now anyone who has ever had a birthday party knows that half the battle is keeping the kiddos entertained. So what kind of minion games can you play?

How about Minion Bowling?? Head on over to Plucky Momo to learn how to make a 2 liter bottle into a minion bowling pin!

And how about some Evil Minion target practice? These are so cute! Check out how The Fantastic Five set it up!

And last but certainly not least head on over to One Lucky Pickle she has a bunch of awesome ideas but the one I love the most was this Minion Easter egg hunt. What a great idea!!

Despicable Me Minions made from plastic Easter Eggs! Use yellow tops with blue bottoms and a sharpie to add the face. Great for a game at a Despicable Me Party- fill with candy/toys and hide around yard, just like an Easter egg hunt. Put a picture of the b-day child in one of the "Minions" and offer a special prize for whoever finds it.I am now off to get the finishing touches put on the party for my little minion! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!


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    Hi Krista…what great minion ideas! Love the minion bowling game…so very cute. Thank you so much for including my cupcakes in your very inspired collection of minion party ideas. Hope your house stays healthy as we head into (one of my favorite “s” words) Spring!
    XO Barbara