Fabulous Friday Finds

The weather the first half of this week was dreadful. Well if you’re a plant or a fish I suppose it was wonderful. But for people the 3 days of Old Testament Rain kind of made you stir crazy! I spent some of it perusing the internet for fun stuff to share with you! Here’s what I found!

We actually used this amazing idea lovetodreamdoyou.blogspot.com from on the 4th of July, super hubby used a water bottle cut in half for Daniel, same concept though. All of a sudden those renegade little fireballs aren’t so scary!

                                  Sparkler Shield, Just in time for Independance day!

And this super cute tablet holder from joybobo makes me need to purchase a tablet, just so I can make it. Let’s face it my smart phone would just look silly on there!

                               joybobo: Kitchen Tablet Holder

Have you ever been to Magicbeans.com? I just discovered them the other day, and they have a great selection of toys and gear for babies and kids. Right now they’re having 31 days of giveaways- hop on over and enter to win!!

31 Days of Giveaways

Although my sweet hubby doesn’t understand the current obsession that the bloggers and pinners of the world have with pallets he brings them home to me anyway. I have a stack now and I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing with them but this useful holder from Our Little Acre is a definite possibility!

                           Our Little Acre: DIY: My Lowe's Creative Ideas Pallet Project

Although the sun is shining today and we’ll be spending a lot of time outside (hello chicken coop that needs cleaned!) My little kitchen helper Daniel and I are going to head over to Craftsy.com and take their  FREE PIZZA MAKING CLASS!! Because it may be summer but every Friday is pizza day here at our house!

That’s it for now! Here’s hoping your Friday is FABULOUS!!


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    Hi Krista! That tablet holder is brilliant! Great find! Also Stopping by to thank you for your sweet comment at my blog, I’m now following you on G+, Bloglovin and FB from my personal to make it count! Thank You so much, looking forward to more of your posts!, Lizy