Marigold or Ragweed? How to Tell the Difference

Did you do any gardening over the weekend?

I did a little, after the two nights of FROST!! That Mother Nature… always keeps you on your toes!

I was pulling some weed and remembered a little issue I had last year, that I’m figuring other inexperienced gardeners face, and I wanted to offer a lesson.

The lovely, allergy inducing, grow all over your garden, comes back no matter how many times you pull it up,  ragweed, ugh it’s everywhere this time of year!

It is one of those bastard plants that pretends to be a helpful pretty plant so you give it a chance to grow and by the time you realize it is not what you thought it was it’s a monster!

Maybe not everyone has this problem…

When I started gardening last year I noticed some plants coming up in what I thought was a logical area for a flower bed. (Keep in mind this was my first spring in my house) I said, “Oh look, they must have had marigolds here, I’ll just let them grow.”


When they got a little bigger I thought, now wait a minute… those aren’t marigolds.

So I googled it. Apparently I’m not the first person to either because it came up right away. I learned a little something.


As a public service to you lovely blog readers I am offering my wealth of knowledge, to help you out!

This is ragweed…

I have ripped that little sucker up by its roots… not in my garden!!

This is a friendly little volunteer marigold…

Oh how nice to see you little marigold, welcome!!

And here they are side by side, the ragweed’s leaves are rounded, and a more yellowy-green, they also (surprise surprise) grow faster. The marigold on the other hand has a darker green leaf that is more jagged. 

Really when you get them next to each other, they don’t look much alike at all, but to the untrained eye, and as little sprouts, they can be tricky. 
So now when your ripping out the pesky weeds by their roots you’ll know who to keep around, and who to send packin’!!
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