Spring Cleaning- Project Simplify- Organization for the Disorganized

Spring cleaning… Do you do it??

I really don’t. With the exception of getting out in my yard and cleaning up the flower beds and starting the garden spring cleaning hasn’t ever been something I’ve done.

Does anybody besides Martha Stewart really take down their curtains, beat their rugs outside, and move their appliances to mop under them??

Maybe I am shameful housekeeper, a lazy ass, and in dire need of a maid…

Or maybe in this respect I am normal.

As I mentioned before in my post about seed organizing I am seriously organization challenged. But it is something I work at, mostly because less “visual noise” (as Scott calls it) and more peace make me feel significantly less stressed.

I feel like most days I manage to keep up with the dirt and fur, dishes, and messes that my life brings. My vacuum cleaner and I have a close relationship, and I go through paper towels like a mad person. That day to day cleaning keeps me busy enough, so spring cleaning….when am I supposed to do that??

There are things I want to address though, things that bother me on a daily basis that I just don’t make the time to take care of. My junk drawer is so full of junk I can’t find the useful junk amongst all the useless junk. (Yes there is a difference). My closet is full of sweaters and clothes that I haven’t worn for 2 seasons that need to go.

Since I am not too great at motivating myself, or sticking with a disciplined routine, I’m hopping on the bandwagon over at Simple Mom and taking her Project Simplify challenge.

I’m going to share my before and afters (God help me, I may never show my face in public again.) And I’m going to try to use organization that appeals to those of us who are right brained/ visual folks who need things in front of our faces.

Each week I’m going to post my goals for the week, and a link to Simple Mom’s challenge for the week. Then the following week I’ll share my results.

This week is just for gearing up. Hop over and check out the weekly projects and start planning.

 I’m making a to-do list. And a shopping list, because I know I’m going to need some containers etc.

Let me know what you’re goals are!! How do you organize?? I’d love to hear some ideas, and maybe even see some other before and afters (so I’m not the only one! There’s safety in numbers right??)

Project Simplify on Simple Mom