Project Simplify- That Pesky Closet & Last Week’s Results

Did you clean out your drawers and clear off your shelves last week??

I did!!

I didn’t get to all of them that I wanted to, I have quite a few that still need attention. But I prioritized the ones that drive me crazy and got them done first.

Here’s my before {cringe} and afters… try not to think less of me.

First I tackled a shelf that is actually in my dresser. Because it is hidden by pretty doors I cram stuff in there. It was a mess of pants that don’t fit me, stuff I don’t use, and other misc. weirdness.

That pill bottle is full of Holy Water… Nathan is afraid of ghosts… it’s a long story

And after…

What a relief to get rid of pants that don’t fit, and a bunch of other junk. Now I feel like a grown up when I open my dresser doors!
Next I tackled my vanity. I have a super cute vanity built in to my bedroom wall. The drawer that houses my makeup etc. was anything but cute though. 

Now I’ve said before I am totally cheap. So I didn’t want to invest in drawer organizers for this. So I scavenged my house and found some baskets and Tupperware that wasn’t being used.

Now that’s much better!!

Here are the strange things I found living in with my makeup and hair stuff…

Doesn’t everyone keep shoe polish, plug adapters, and tiny action figures in with their  eyeshadow?

Onto the bathroom. This is a tiny drawer, with not a lot in it. But it annoyed me. Mostly my own doing, because I have a terrible habit of leaving ponytail holders everywhere and I often chuck them in this drawer so they are at least kind of put away.

Once again, I used a couple small boxes, one from candles and one from checks, they got the job done. 
When Scott opened the drawer to get a new razor, he said, “Wow honey this drawer looks nice! I kind of thought maybe I was in the wrong house for a minute.” 
I’ll take that as a compliment. 
My last project was not actually a shelf or drawer… but I counted it as one. It’s the train table that is in our playroom. When I say to my children, “go put this away in the playroom.” What they hear is, “please go pile this on the train table, until it becomes an avalanche waiting to happen.”
Somebody hand me a trash bag!!

So I put everything away!! I may have even found a Christmas present or two that hadn’t even been played with at the bottom of that crazy pile…

The track got to stay. If you’ve ever spent the better part of a weekend
 putting one of those puppies together you understand why!

And now my big sigh of relief!! The goal for me is to be able to keep these areas nice and neat, so that I don’t have to do this again!!

This week’s challenge is to conquer a closet. I have two in mind, one of which is mine. We’ll see if I get to them both!!


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    Your house could be my house! What is it with kids piling their loot on top of train tables? I KNOW for a fact that Spiderman is hanging out with my mascara right now too. Everything looks super, great job! I’m stopping by today via Simple Mom.

  2. says

    Oh so glad I’m not the only one!! Thanks, its the tip of the iceberg but I’ll get it all done someday!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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    Great job! My kids like to randomly pile stuff in boxes, sometimes in the laundry baskets, in the cupboards. They have a wide range of hiding places :-) I have given up keeping their toys organized for more than a couple hours at a time! The drawers look great!

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    Thanks! My kids too, no matter how many times I explain the difference between put away, and just stuck someplace else, its a constant battle!!